The Seasons and the climate

SPRING March 15 .- May 30

In Sicily, Spring starts earlier than in northern Italy and Europe. The Sicilian countryside radiates with all its flowers, colours, and scents. The weather, although variable, offers very pleasantly warm days, and in May one can take the first swim in the sea in May.

SUMMER June 1-September 30

The long Hybleian Summer, which actually extends beyond the end of September, is a very sunny season ( is the season of great sunshine). One can enjoy the swimming pools of Parco Cavalonga, the sea and the long, warm evenings illuminated by an amazing moon. The special micro-climate in Cavalonga offers evenings with fresh air, ideal for dinners amidst the olive trees, even during the warmest period of the year.

AUTUMN - WINTER October 1 to January 15

Autumn is perhaps the most enjoyable season in Sicily. The rugged scenery is tinged with green. Oranges, pomegranates and grapes glow with colour (are lit up by colour, and). The air is cleared by the first rain. The sun is hot, but with a softer light, and swimming in the sea can be enjoyed well into October, and sometimes even in December. The countryside is full of life, with the grape and olive harvests (and after) followed by the orange harvest. Beautiful weather can be enjoyed during Christmas and New Year, although it might be less predictable.