Other Tourist Sites

By driving through different panoramic roads one can reach other beautiful towns:

PALAZZOLO ACREIDE, Km 55, AKRAI in ancient Greek, was one of the colonies of Syracuse and was built on a hilly area. One can see the beautiful theatre, the remains of the Buleterion, the impressive baroque churches and the Annuok portal.

SIRACUSA, Km 130.this magnificent town on the sea is definitely worth a day trip. Not to be missed are: the Greek theatre and the beautiful island of Ortigia, a borough of Syracuse that provides a magical sensation to all visitors., with its small alleys, impressive palazzos and magnificent churches.

AGRIGENTO, Km 126. Is very famous for the Greek temples which, together with the Temples of Paestum, are the most important and better preserved Greek temples in the world. From Agrigento one can reach another important archaeological site: Selinute (100 Km away).

PIAZZA ARMERINA, 86 Km. is renowned for the Villa Romana del Casale, an ancient Roman villa with the most beautiful and well preserved mosaics.